Name: Waylayed
Arc / Number: Felstad 4
Outcome: Kill
Notable NPCs: Bandits
Loot: Hunting Cloaks

The party left Felstad to travel north towards a hunter’s hut and ultimately The Cloakwood. On the way there, a sudden arrow from the tree broke the silence. Thinking spooked locals may confuse them for raiders, Aszuryx shouted out that they were travelers with no ill-will. This of course was only a prelude to the murderclock starting, as it turned out that the assailants were simple bandits.

Art famously caught one arrow mid-flight, before being taken down by another one. The party swarmed out to take down the bandits and a frustrated Aszuryx disabled one of them by slapping a hunting trap on him.

The captured bandit turned out to be a legitimate badass, trying to rip himself free from the trap and ignoring any intimidation attempts to learn about their camp. Sol decided to let the heavily hurt bandit go, not expecting him to survive.

Sol found tracks of the bandits, but the group decided to continue on their previous course. First however they took a couple of hunting cloaks, which provide advantage when trying to hide in forest areas.


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