The Cloakwood

250px-Cloak_Wood.jpgThe Cloakwood, also stylized as Cloak Wood, is a thickly overgrown forest south of Baldur’s Gate and just north of Felstad. Near the coast, the forest turns into a swamp.

The party made their way into the Cloakwood to stop the raids on Felstad conducted by the Orcs from The Fang, a mountain and dungeon in the middle of the woods.

On their way through the forest they (or at least Aszuryx) cuddled Giant Spiders, followed the ancient principle of “Finding safe places to sleep” by camping in a Stirge infested cave, suffered the loss of Ratgut (and some mage), found Hrothgar the Mighty, Son of Buliwyf in a Goblin run arena, got drenched in deadly slime, killed an innocent bear, got high on volcanic fumes in a mushroom field and finally abducted by the very Orcs they were out to kill.

Overall, a lovely area! A highly recommended vacation destination for couples, nature enthusiasts and groups of friends.

The Cloakwood

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