Name: Goblin Rapist
Arc / Number: Felstad 7
Outcome Kill, PC Death
Notable NPCs: Ratgut, Goblin Patrol
Loot Stikka

Closing in on the Goblin arena inside the Cloak Wood, the party discovered crude wooden cages, seemingly created by Goblins. The more dextrous members of the group, Sol and Jerrick decided to sneak towards some screaming noises, while the rest stayed back.

When they discovered a Goblin in a cage, Sol decided to show herself in the clearing, while Jerrick brought the rest of of the party. The more careful parts of the group stayed back in between the trees, expecting a trap, while Sol and Dick interrogated the prisoner, Ratgut.

Scared for his life, the goblin started screaming which inevitably led to a Goblin hunting party to assault the party. Led by some kind of Goblin Cleric, casting the (from now on) dreaded Inflict Wounds, and accompanied by a Master Archer that immediately fell Art with a long range shot, the Goblins were quite a threat!

Before Aszuryx could stabilize Art, a Goblin ran into the fray and finished the Elf off (reroll anyone?). Sol’s beloved Ratgut got killed off as well and the ranged barrage from the Cleric and multiple archers, caused grievous wounds.

Sol decided the only possible solution to the loss of her favorite toy was to use him as an improvised flail. Not surprisingly, that didn’t work out well, but at leastit caused a lot of blood and flesh splatter.

Jerrick meanwhile avenged the fallen Art by disarming the Goblin master archer and killing him with his own weapon!

Once all Goblins were defeated, the group hastily performed a burial ritual for Art and ran off. On the plus side, the archer’s bow turned out to be the shortbow Stikka!


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