Items of note

A repository of all the items that the party has “found” so far.

Blade of Grass – longsword +1

The Blade of Grass is a magical long sword recovered from the Wind Temple. It is weightless, impossibly sharp and is probably too good to be true. Wielded by Dick.

Boots of Recall

Found in The Fang, these boots allow the user to retrace their steps to return to any point they have visited in the last 10 minutes. Currently being worn by Jerrick, they are totally rad for escaping grapples and awkward conversations. Activated by touching the heels together 3 times.

Cloak of Quetzl-Quetzl

A long travelling cloak of interwoven feathers, bound together in such a way to look almost like scales until the magic of the cloak is invoked. It allows the user to cast the Gust of Wind spell once per long rest. The feathers might have once belonged to Quetzl-Quetzl but they seem to be bluish in tint compared to Q-body’s grey hue.

Cursed Eyeglass of Low-light vision

Found at the bottom of one of the bags that Jerrick “appropriated” from the Bandit’s fighting arena, the Eyeglass was immediately claimed by Aszuryx in a Sol-like looting frenzy. Unfortunately, the item was cursed fusing with Aszuryx’s face when he looked through it. The druid didn’t seem to mind the loss of one of his eyes (his vision was actually enhanced by the item).

Hunting Cloaks

Hunting Cloaks that provide advantage when trying to hide in forests and wooded areas. They originated from a bandit ambush.

Mace of Fire

The weapon of the previous High Priest of Kopuk. Eiris took ownership of it for sentimental reasons, but it briefly saw use in Dick’s hands. The weapon deals fire damage, rather than the usual physical damage and sets targets ablaze on critical hits. Being a mace reduces its usefulness for the party which will likely lead to it ending up in a temple to Kossuth.

Monkeypaw of Critness

One of the items with The Fang’s cursed treasure room, the Monkeypaw enhanced the user’s combat prowess, each use of the paw causing their next attack to critically hit. After three uses the monkeypaw closed into a fist and stopped working with absolutely no repercussions. Was used by Hrothgar in a paw-fuelled crit-frenzy against a troll in The Fang’s finale room.

Raptor Eggs

A collection of eggs taken from a raptor nest on the Isle of Dread. 4 eggs were taken in total.
Hrothgar‘s Egg – Immediately eaten for its protein content. Yumm.
Soline’s Egg – Accidently cooked in the Cannibal Village’s fire due to the party thinking that fire resistance was a good reason to walk to a bonfire.
Eiris’ Egg – Presumed destroyed when Eiris become the Avatar of Fire by jumping into a pit of lava.
Jerrick’s Egg – Blue speckles. Still safe and sound…so far.

Ring of Smoke something something

When Soline walked into the magical pyre in the village of the Fire worshipping aboriginals to loot the High Priest, she found a ring which she immediately declared hers. By not showing it to the party. After some studies she found out that the ring was able to create concealing smoke, which seemed to be a great tactical advantage. As a result, the ring was never used and thrown into a volcano at the first chance.

Spider Fang Daggers

A set of poison daggers found on I-cant-believe-its-not-Lloth. They are constantly covered in a coat of poison and require special sheaths to carry without getting poison all over the place. Currently carried by Jerrick.

Staff of Animal Friendship

Found in The Fang, this staff allowed the user to talk to small animals. However it went the usual route of magical items in the group and disappeared – this time because Aszuryx ran through the portal into the desert, rather than staying with the party.

‘Stikka’ – Short bow +1

‘Stikka’ was carried by a goblin archer and was used to bring down Arturos and almost everyone else. Despite its crude construction the bow is remarkably accurate and easy to wield. Was liberated from goblin hands when Jerrick used his whip to snatch it away and avenge Arturos. Currently being carried by Jerrick, Stikka continues to be an amazing weapon, murder-critting with frightening consistency. It is now theorised that Stikka might be the Ur-Bow, the Father of All-bows from which all other bows were wrought and that Jerrick’s cunning capture of the weapon was it simply choosing a new owner.

Items of note

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