Farewell to the Isle of Dread

With Carl Denim captured, Emily saved and balance brought back to the Island, the party makes plans to head back to Baldur’s Gate.

As a reward for aiding the Elementals in their time of need, Gann allows the heroes to take one item each from his collection.

Dick selects a pair of bracers that contain a portion of Gann’s great strength.

Jerrick selects a cloak adjorned with some of Quetzl-Quetzl’s feathers.

Need other loots here!

The party also takes command of Carl’s ship, The Red Wind, renaming it to The (Mighty) Sea Fist.

Agreeing that the Isle should remain undisturbed, they don’t take any gold with them. Jerrick and Emily destroy their copies of the map in the hopes that the Island won’t be found again.

Farewell to the Isle of Dread

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