Adventure Glossary

A record of terms, anecdotes and general observations…

Avatar of Kapok

Title currently held by Eiris Flamespeaker after the party solved the trials of the Fire Temple on the Isle of Dread, most importantly, by him jumping into his death in the volcano. He was reborn with new powers granted by Kapok, which he considers a servant of Kossuth.

The blood of an Avatar of Kapok is boiling like lava, he is resistant to fire, explodes on death (1d4 fire damage, 5ft burst), and will be reborn after 10 minutes (once per day, 2D6 Health).

All of this totally doesn’t temp Eiris to become a suicide bomber.

Backstage Ambush

The name of the performance band currently comprising of Hrothgar (Vocals) and Jerrick (Lute). An eclectic mix of tundra sagalore, avante garde lutework and baudy lyrics, the band is currently touring the seedier parts of Baldur’s Gate.


One is unfair. Two is like watching an apocalypse.


A fictitious group of orc detectives on the trail of the orc-murderer Dick Steel, investigating the abundant crime scenes he and his accomplices leave behind. Dick is always one step ahead of them though, altering the crime scenes to throw the investigators off his trail.

Finding safe places to sleep

Doesn’t happen…ever. Wolf pack, mosquito cave, bear cave, dinosaur nest, carnivorous trees, cannibal villages. The party will uncannily find whatever the local source of danger is and set up camp right on its face.


The backbone of the party’s healing strategy. 10 9 goodberries remain from the supply gifted by Aszuryx.

The Hroth-shot

Using a catapult to fire an enraged barbarian directly at a monster’s head.

Lawful Sensible

Trying to make sense of a crazy world, some individuals try to steer the party onto the sensible course but often succumb to their own particular type of madness (Eiris, Azuryx, Dick).


When encountering npcs of unknown intentions, this clock is started the moment the npcs or the party interact with each other. Generally, taking about 3 rounds of interactions to go off, the only certainty is that it will go off and there will be murder. Generally, precipitated by Dick or Sol unless the npc is almost certainly evil, in which case an extra 3 rounds of failed diplomacy will occur before the confused evil npc and equally confused good elements of the party just start hacking at each other.


Crits are generally quite good, however not all crits are equal. Murdercrits have silly amounts of dice or someone just rolls really well. Either way, the target usually explodes as their hit points violently decompress.

No Touching rule

Touching things is like dungeoneering version of Russian roulette. #2 rookie adventurer mistake.

Paragon of Quetzl-Quetzl

A role bestowed to Jerrick Stormsworthy by Quetzl-Quetzl after the party made their way to the pinnacle of the Air Temple on the Isle of Dread and Jerrick solved a particularly difficult riddle (Shut up! It was hard!)

The Paragon is granted some power over the element of air, being able to boost 40ft in any direction or create an air-plosion that causes everyone in 20ft to be knocked 20ft backwards.

It also creates small currents of wind around the user, making their clothes all billowy and constantly blowing their hair like they are in a shampoo commercial.


The most crucial part of an adventurer’s gear, pitons are multi-use tools for all situations. Leave home without your pitons, #1 rookie adventurer mistake.


Generally due to Hrothgar’s influence, wrestling moves seem to be creeping into fabric of the world in general. Throws, slams, drop kicks seem to appear out of nowhere when just stabbing the enemy with your sword would be the safe and boring thing to do.

Adventure Glossary

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