The Lord of the Flames


Kossuth, The Lord of Flames, the Firelord, The Tyrant-King.


Kossuth is the Primordial revered by the cleric Eiris Flamespeaker.

He is the primordial of elemental fire and he is represented by the holy symbol of a twining red flame. His portfolio covers elemental fire and purification through fire. He is, however, not a god but actually an elemental primordial, a being whose power rivals that of a true deity.


  • Those fit to succeed will do so.
  • Kossuth’s faith is innately superior to all other faiths.
  • Smoke is produced by air in its jealousy.
  • The reward of successful ambition is power.
  • Reaching a higher state is inevitably accompanied by difficulty and personal pain of some sort.
  • Kossuth sends his pure fire to cleanse us all and temper our souls so that we can achieve a pure state.
  • Expect to be tested, and rise to the challenge, no matter what difficulty and pain it brings.
  • Those above you have proven their worth and deserve your service.
  • Guide others to Kossuth’s pure light so that he may reforge all life into its essential form.


The church of Kossuth is rather hierarchical and mostly impersonal. The Church’s aims tend to revolve around the acquisition of land, power and wealth. The followers and clerics are often of the lawful neutral alignment. Compared to the many other gods of Faerûn, Kossuth and the three other Elemental Primordials are well known for their relative silence when it comes to communication with their worshipers. However, of the four, Kossuth is the most active and vocal.

Many Red wizards of Thay worship Kossuth and the Flaming Brazier of Eltabbar is supposedly the largest temple of Kossuth in all the realms.

After death, bodies of worshipers are cremated.

Clerical Orders within the Church of Kossuth:

  • Burning Braziers
  • Tendrils
  • Black Flame Zealots
  • Brothers and Sisters of the Pure Flame
  • Order of the Salamander


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