Emily Thornscloak

Master adventurer and Jerrick's cousin


L7 Rogue/Swashbuckler/Adventurer


Emily Thornscloak is Jerrick’s cousin and the catalyst for the journey to the Trackless Sea. She is a seasoned adventurer (and probably better than Jerrick at almost everything). She left a map of the island as an urgent message. Was seen in the company of Carl Denim and was possibly in danger but the party was not really sure.

Emily had been coerced by Carl Denim to help him plunder the riches of the island. In the water temple, Carl had taken the Water of Death in order to kill Gann, the embodiment of Earth on the Island and the deity that Doq’Doq’s tribe worshipped. Having no further need of Emily he used the Water of Death on her, with only the intervention of the Water Spirit keeping her alive. She would need the Water of Life, also taken from the temple by Denim, in order to live.

The party confronted Denim’s party just as they had poisoned Gann. Denim was defeated with Gann’s aid and forced to give up the Water of Life. Taking it back to the Water temple, Emily was saved.

As of the conclusion of the Isle of Dread arc, Emily is back in Baldur’s Gate planning her next voyage.

Emily Thornscloak

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