Carl Denim

Infamous sea captain


An infamous sea captain in command of The Red Wind.

Was reportedly seen to be escorting Emily onto his ship.

Carl Denim initially headed to the Isle of Dread in order to gain the Water of Life in order to become immortal, coercing Emily Thornscloak to accompany him based on her skills and knowledge of island.

Once on the island, Carl’s party easily intimidated their way to the water temple and took the Water of Life and the Water of Death. However, by this point it had become apparent that the island was rich in gold and Carl became greedy. At the water temple, he used the Water of Death on Emily, having no further use for her and wanting to test its efficacy. Carl wanted to loot all the temples and take the vast riches back to the Sword Coast. Fortunately, this greed allowed the heroes to catch up to Carl’s gang just as they had poisoned Gann with the Water of Death.

Carl’s gang was wiped out in the ensuing fight with Carl trying to flee unsuccessfully. He was forced to give up the Water of Life to save Emily and was taken back to Baldur’s Gate by Dick Steel in order to face justice.

Carl Denim

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