Waking up from various sorts of unconsciousness, the party found themselves locked in two cells, presumably within The Fang.

Their cells were guarded by an old orc called Jagga and his dog. Upon recovering consciousness, various party members start enacting the various plans that each has to get themselves out of their cells. Their weapons are stored within sight which is a Hero Imprisonment 101 mistake.

Aszuryx turns into a snake, slithers between the bars and tries to pickpocket the keys. Dick tries to taunt the guard (throwing bits of dead orc at him) to make him come over to the cell to taste some Steel Justice . Hrothgar tries to tear the bars apart. Jerrick remains calm knowing that he can pick the lock.

Jagga’s pet wolf notices Aszuryx and then all hell breaks loose as the party busts of their cells. Jagga is a wily old orc but succumbs to the inevitable and is suplexed by Hrothgar. The party grabs their gear and starts to explore The Fang.


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