A renown, highborn elf captain


Lithael was a well-known mercenary captain in command of the elven ship The Fated Lady.

He was one of two possible captains that could travel to the Isle of Dread but negotiations did not go well during the first meeting that he had with the party. Jerrick and Hrothgar’s general lack of courtly manners along with a fairly dire negotiation for a price for the journey meant that the party made an enemy of Lithael almost immediately.

Lithael was able to discover the intent of their journey and along with the look of Jerrick’s map that he received, he was able to intercept the Adventure and force a sea battle. Unfortunately, things went south very fast for Lithael when he didn’t take into consideration that the party had two entire clerics and he was sniped from the deck of his ship by Dick’s power arrow attack.

He was a bit of a git for reals though.



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