A fire elemental worhshipped like a god.


Kapok is a fire elemental located in his fire temple in the northern part of the Isle of Dread.

On arrival at the island, the group had found a village where they were heralded as some kind of saviors, sent to bring balance to the elements on the island. The first element they thought out was the fire element to the north.

The first actual indication of Kapok was when a local shaman in another village tried to burn Dick in a pyre as a ritualistic offering – which the party averted and ‘offered’ the shaman and another villager (and eventually all the buildings in the village).

Kapok’s temple was hewn into a volcano and the group faced a variety of challenges, before finally Eiris offered himself to the Elemental by jumping into the volcano. He was reborn an Avatar of Kapok and the challenge was completed.

Eiris speculates that Kapok is a local fire elemental that amassed some powers through the worship of the locals. As a Fire Elemental, Kapok would still be a servant of Kossuth, rather than an actual deity.



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